Soothing Morning 

“Poets are the mortals who, singing earnestly of the wine-god, sense the trace of the fugitive gods, stay on the gods’ tracks, and so trace for their kindred mortals the way toward the turning.”

Martin Heidegger, “What are Poets For?”

After a good night’s sleep, it is so rewarding to sit early in the morning over a cup of coffee and a Heidegger essay, and wait for another opening of the gallery. Palestine is a great town for weekends, I have found out. And these opportunities to relax and chill between Gallery hours have been a salve to my soul.

After my coffee and reading, I will still have an hour before the gallery opens at 10. I think I will enjoy that quiet space to work further on this watercolor I have been tinkering with since the show opened last weekend.

Thanks for reading.

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