Closing Out the Plein Air Event

I slept in on Mother’s day, knowing the gallery would not open until noon or later, and knowing I needed to catch up on some lost sleep.

I managed to arrive in Waxahachie by 11 a.m., set up in the same place I did yesterday, and gave this courthouse portal one more attempt. I have chosen to stop at this point.

Sitting in the shade, and reading from the letters of NC Wyeth, I came across this passage that gives me pause:

“My main impression of practically all painting today is that the grand mass of painters have nothing to say but take great pains in saying it.”

This has been an issue with me since the very first day, years ago,when I began this blog experiment. I seldom know what to say about my painting, or about my theories. I give it my best shot every time, but it does bother me to think that I could be throwing out empty words, and guilty of NC’s condemnation. The only thing I can assure my readers of is this: I am always thinking about my art, wondering if my message is conveyed through the images or through the words. At any rate, if my words don’t make sense, then I hope my paintings are good enough to view. And conversely, if my paintings are subpar, then I hope that at least my words have something to say! Sorry if that sounded catty; I take my art and my ideas seriously, and will go to every length to make them worthy of an audience.

Thanks always for reading!

One Response to “Closing Out the Plein Air Event”

  1. Duane Q Ellis Says:

    I’ve just discovered and enjoyed reading all your jottings and I hesitate to call it fine work. Your journeys bring back many of my 82 years of memories. Please don’t think about ending this trip of yours. At this time all I can do is paint photos of my memories… Thank You


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