Mystique of the River

At 9:55 tonight I’ve just finished a campsite dinner with Wayne White and Mark Nelson, having completed a six-mile canoe and kayak fishing trip down Big River. Wayne is the quintessential campfire cook, stuffing us tonight with steak, roasted veggies from his garden, and beans.

Now we’re just staring silently into the fire, listening to the night sounds and rhapsodizing at the sight of hundreds of fireflies in the forest at Saint François State Park.

The fishing was delightful, and the clear water gliding over the copper-colored rocks was beautiful beyond description. For years, I’ve known the sensual delight of wading trout streams in Colorado, but today was my first experience gliding in a canoe over beautiful waters, buoyed by the swift current.

We’ll retire to our tents soon as the weariness sets in from the excitement of the day.

Thanks for reading.  We feel blessed tonight.

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