Morning Chorus

Nature, of course, called me out of my tent at 4:27 this morning. In the darkness of that predawn, I was mesmerized by the sight of fireflies still sparkling against the velvety blackness of the forest. A solitary bird sounded from high up in one of the trees. Returning to my tent, I knew sleep would not revisit me, but I chose repose indoors rather than sit with mosquitoes outdoors. But the solo bird, by 5:00, was joined by a chorus, mostly of cardinals. Light was breaking, so I chose this picnic table and resumed my summer journal. The morning is filled with sounds, the raccoons have withdrawn to the woods, and my spirits are soaring with this “pulse of the morning” (I miss you, Maya Angelou).

(Posted above is a photo of where we launched yesterday morning.)

Thanks for reading.

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