The Return


Relaxing in a Dining Room Again

Artists, [Taine] proclaimed, had to have their own way of feeling, inventing, producing–their own way of being–otherwise they were nothing more than copyists, or hired hands.  In Voltaire’s terms, they must cultivate their garden.

Cezanne: A Life, by Alex Danchev

This is a relaxing, serene Saturday morning after a couple of days on the river. I slept long hours yesterday afternoon as the river trip drained me of my strength.  Now, sufficiently recharged, I wait for a full day of family activity. Waking at 6:30, I realized that decades of public school teaching converted me into a morning person.  Before the rest of my family stirs, I’m glad for some quiet reading time and reflective time in my journal.

I am fortunate that my parents still live and thrive in the St. Louis vicinity, as well as my siblings.  There is a place to return several times a year that I can still call “home.” And thanks to Facebook, several of my high school friends have re-emerged and become important parts of my life.  I moved five hours away immediately after high school, then when college ended, I moved a couple of states away and still reside in Texas.  But coming “home” grows in warmth and tenderness as the years advance.

Because of Saturday family plans, I doubt that I’ll be able to pick up the brush, but reading the Cezanne biography during the quiet of the morning certainly has my mind on what to try next, artistically.  I have a number of railroad compositions in mind, and will most likely go in that direction.  And I hope to push into new frontiers rather than crank out some kind of “signature” piece.  I’m sure that no artist recognizes his/her own “style”.  I certainly do not discern my own.  But throughout the years, friends and acquaintances have told me that they recognize my work without looking at my signature.  I’m never sure whether or not that is a good thing.  At any rate, I would like to try something new and daring when I sit down to my next piece.  The quote posted above from the Cezanne biography has been my mantra for years.

Thanks for reading.






2 Responses to “The Return”

  1. kingfisherhalcyondays Says:

    Your early morning muse was very well portrayed and I have a common experience with long lost high school friends-and reading and studying the “Impressionists”. Cezanne painted a few railroad bridges in the foreground of several landscapes if I recall correctly. I’d like to see some of your work, and perhaps what resulted from your musings.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you so much for reading my blog and responding. I’m honored to meet another who has a love for the Impressionists and the signature features of Cezanne. I appreciate your encouragement and certainly look forward to the challenge of future watercolors.


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