Flight to the Country

I didn’t reach my destination till after 11:00 tonight, but I’m thankful to be in my favorite getaway for the weekend. I was invited to an Open Mic in Hillsboro, Texas earlier where I got to reconnect with a host of friends I haven’t seen in years. Once the event finished, I decided to drive across the country to this spot rather than return home (where the air conditioning still isn’t repaired–house temps reached 92 today!).

I’m thankful for gracious friends who have offered me a bedroom this past week, and always appreciative of the friends who have given me access to this store in the remote country where I can relax off the grid and let my imagination mingle with this interior filled with the furnishings from decades past.

Tomorrow I’ll spend in The Gallery at Redlands in Palestine. I miss seeing my friends in the historic Inn at Redlands as well. The weekend offers good things.

Thanks for reading.

3 Responses to “Flight to the Country”

  1. Dian Says:

    Glad you are safely in your happy place! Can’t believe the AC is still not working.


  2. davidtripp Says:

    The week without A/C has sucked, to say the very least. Being here helps erase the memory. Rain is pattering on this tin roof right now!


  3. Carol Says:

    Enjoy your country respite. It sounds so peaceful.


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