Grinding it Out


This has been an exhausting work day for me in The Gallery at Redlands. I have a commission to complete and have had difficulty painting because of a broken A/C at home. Painting on the road doesn’t come easily for me. Several friends have stopped by the gallery whom I haven’t seen in weeks and it was good to catch up on the local news and make a couple of trips out of the shop to photograph some historic sites in the Palestine vicinity. But all the while, though, I knew I needed to get this 11 x 14″ painting started and nearly finished.  I stopped repeatedly throughout the day, taking refresher breaks so as not to experience fatigue-driven mistakes. Finally, at 7:15 tonight, I realized that this composition is finally taking shape and I believe is going to turn out alright. It needs to be scanned and processed no later than tomorrow to satisfy a deadline I promised.

Thanks for reading.  It’s quiet here, and I just wanted to share this.


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5 Responses to “Grinding it Out”

  1. Eileen McKenna {my creative resolution} Says:

    The composition is great. I love the background shape and color – it really brings action to the piece. Great work 👏

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  2. Skeeter Murley Says:

    David, I had been on a business trip in Lufkin and decided to stop by the gallery on my way back to DFW. I really enjoyed seeing all of your work. As always, your work inspires me to pick up my paintbrush and give it a go again!


    • davidtripp Says:

      Skeeter, I came and spent 2 Days in the gallery and saw your note and kept it! I am on the road again to Colorado, but wanted to thank you for stopping by and making my day with such warm words.


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