Emerging from the Darkness




I had to record this spectacular experience.  Once I saw the first bite taken out of the sun, I was mesmerized and moved my journal to the shade of an umbrella table on the back deck. I sketched the sun going through its diminishing stages, then as it was reduced to just a sliver in the sky, I dashed out into the street to photograph the crescent moon patterns in the shadows of the shade trees. Finally the darkness descended for 2 1/2 minutes, the world cooled down, dogs barked, children in the neighborhood screamed, crickets and katydids chirped, all the street lights clicked on, and I felt myself shudder.

Now the light has emerged, I’m going to catch up on some needed rest, and return to my Texas home. I will report to work Wednesday morning.

Thanks for reading.

7 Responses to “Emerging from the Darkness”

  1. squirrel3189 Says:

    You being being where you were at that moment in time, were fortunate enough to glimpse at something some of us haven’t seen or never will get to see. Being in TX, you didn’t miss anything. God speed on your trip home!


  2. davidtripp Says:

    Thank you for the good word. I know I am fortunate, getting to witness this. I’ll admit I’m not looking forward to the long drive back.


  3. Kathy Pardell Says:

    So very cool. I am so jealous as living in western Canada, we didn’t get much, except a partial eclipse and when I went out to view it, there was too much cloud cover. Love your sketches…


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you, Kathy. I did not expect to be so Swept Away by such an exhilarating experience. I am now driving 10 hours back to my home, but I am still vibrating from this encounter.


  4. Xraypics Says:

    Great stuff David. I hope you haven’t had too much problem with the wild weather you are having at the moment. Just thinking abut you, hope you are safe.


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