Rainy Atelier


You come to the place of your art from the swiftly flowing river of work and domesticity in which from choice and necessity you have swum and bobbed along with everyone else. You emerge from this wide and deep stream, towel off, slip into something more comfortable, and step into your atelier ready to do a new kind of business.

Peter London, Drawing Closer to Nature: Making Art in Dialogue with the Natural World

Waking early to a dark and rainy morning, I immediately recalled something I read yesterday from Peter London, found it, and post it now for you. What an inspiring word! Teaching every other day now gives me the richness of having these long days without appointment, and a studio ready to use. I am a YouTube junkie, and that wonderful resource plays nonstop on my large flat screen to give me the environment of my choice every day when I work/play in my studio. Of course this morning, I dial up one of those many delicious jazz-for-a-rainy-day stations.

I can almost hear the chug of steam locomotives in the background, reminding me it is time to get back to the watercolors.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you have the luxury today of emerging from the stream, totally refreshed and ready to pursue your personal enterprise.


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3 Responses to “Rainy Atelier”

  1. Philip A Swiderski Jr Says:

    Stay Creative, Naturally fuel your passion. The chugging of the trains, and whistle blows. As the conductor yells, all aboard. Your inspiration pours from your heart to your mind. Your hand begins to stroke the brush. As the rain falls on the platform, each stroke is as natural as the wind. It’s a happy day to create. Cant wait to see what you paint.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Wow, Philip, thank you for that! I have been blissfully working in the studio since I tossed out the blog earlier this morning. And now, your comment makes me feel like another artist has joined me in the workshop, thank you so much!


  2. Dian Says:

    What beautiful rainy day thoughts! Nice to spend part of this day with you!


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