Festival Life

“The world is in constant flux, always expanding, contracting, budding out, falling apart in particular ways. Every particle and conglomeration is pulsating at a different frequency and harmony. All this jiggling about comprises the cosmic melody within which we too sing, however subtly. Just as our harmonies can be said to be our way of speaking, so may we say that everything in the world is speaking, broadcasting its particular frequency and harmony, emitting its characteristic energy patterns.”

Peter London, “Drawing Closer To Nature”

Setting up from 5 to 7 p.m., then rising the next morning at 5:50 and completing the job by festival start time takes a toll on my body and spirit. To say the least, it makes it difficult to find one’s harmony while everything swirls about. But cool breezes and a comfortable lawn chair have sustained me at today’s Hot Pepper Festival in Palestine, Texas. I’ve met a ton of people and managed some sales, so I can call it a good day. I plan to return to blogging, once things slow down a bit for me.

Thanks for reading.

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