New Horizons


We can speak without voice to the trees and the clouds and the waves of the sea. Without words they respond through the rustling of leaves and the moving of clouds and the murmuring of the sea.

Paul Tillich

The Christmas road trip has been one of my life’s many bookmarks since 1977 when I moved from north Missouri to Texas. My parents and siblings still reside in the St. Louis area, so I always know where I am heading when I hit the Interstate in late December. Like every other year, the Route 66 excursion will provide hours of windshield time and memories will roll across my consciousness as the miles roll beneath the tires.

Hopefully, I will have the opportunity to post a blog as the New Year dawns. 2017 has brought many treasures into my life, and I’m anticipating new adventures in 2018. But now, the Christmas season is in full swing, and I’m grateful to spend it with family once again.

I wish all of you the best as we enter this Season.

2 Responses to “New Horizons”

  1. Gato Says:

    Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your blog the last few month. Wishing you the season’s best.


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