Painting into the Quiet Night


A soft liquid joy like the noise of many waters flowed over his memory and he felt in his heart the soft peace of silent spaces of fading tenuous sky above the waters, of oceanic silence, of swallows flying through the seadusk over the flowing waters.

James Joyce, A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

This most exquisite, quiet evening in the basement of the Redlands Hotel has been divided between working on this small 8 x 10″ watercolor of an abandoned church in the ghost town of Terlingua, Texas and taking breaks to read the soothing words of James Joyce. I cannot get out of my mind’s eye the image of this church I photographed while the sun was setting in west Texas. Waking this morning and recalling these words I had recorded earlier from my reading of Joyce made me determined to get this painting started.

Thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to “Painting into the Quiet Night”

  1. deborahbrasket Says:

    i can’t think of a more lovely way to spend an evening. I’ll have to dip back into Joyce again.

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  2. Jay Haeske Says:

    Looking forward to seeing that watercolor to see if I recognise that church as I’ve been to Terlingua last December.

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  3. Jay Haeske Says:

    Sorry about my earlier comment, there it is (ahem). Well, I don’t yet, but maybe I’ll find it when I’m working on my photos from there.

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