Mountain Serenity

I will have more to say about this later. I find it difficult, publishing a blog on a smartphone, when there is sketchy reception. It has been a beautiful morning for plein-air watercoloring.

4 Responses to “Mountain Serenity”

  1. Xraypics Says:

    Painting just for the pleasure, for the uplift, for the joy of of seeing details overlooked before. But, this beautiful rendering doesn’t look like junk to me! Quite the opposite.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you, Tony, always, for your encouragement. I’m growing to like this watercolor better as days go by. But often, I find my work unsatisfying to look at. My point is that I always feel joy and serenity while painting, even if I dislike the finished product.


  2. alethakuschan Says:

    I think it’s unwise to be overly critical. And I’m sure in any case that your plein air studies are quite beautiful. We need to allow ourselves openness to and awareness of the beautiful things that we’re able to make. I’m not talking about braggadocio — instead I mean alertness to the moments when the picture parallels the beauty in nature itself, and also alertness to the beauty of the materials (the specific qualities of watercolor, pencil, etc.) — all these things that are extensions of perception. That openness is part of the being able to make the beautiful things. The picture you posted is very lovely and true to life.

    Obviously you are aware or you couldn’t have made what you made. I guess I’m just advising against creating any obstacles at all — however slight — between you and what you see — accepting that you are fully a friend of all this beauty that you’re witnessing there.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Thank you for your response. I’m not disappointed with this watercolor. But I do find many of my plein air works unsatisfying to look at. But the process is always a joy to me. That was the point I tried to make.

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