Morning Coffee with Dave over Art


Preparations for Academic Decathlon

Seeing is not as simple as looking.

Joseph Kosuth

Again, I had to dash out of my house early today. All week I have been coaching Martin High School’s Academic Decathlon team for their art history competition. The focus this year is the art of the 1960’s and I have been swimming in Abstract Expressionism, Pop Art, Minimalist Art and Conceptual Art. The refresher has been an inspiration to me, as I spent quality time reading Joseph Kosuth’s philosophical writings and re-visiting Donald Judd’s published critical articles. Of course, Andy Warhol, Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg have also been a blast to explore afresh.

Studying today was difficult as plumbers finally arrived and began the process of knocking a giant hole in the concrete slab of my home. Listening to the sounds of a jackhammer in the adjacent room made for difficulty in reading and thinking. Now that the evening has descended, the workers have left the premises, shutting the door to a roomful of shovels, mud and a pit filled with water, I’m glad to have the quiet once again, but also a pile of college grading.

So, with my apologies, I cut this one short and release it late. Hopefully tomorrow I can publish more substance, though I have one more lecture to give at the high school and the workers will return for a second day of plumbing repair.

Thanks for reading.



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