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Lingering over the Gospel of Mark

My walks, that autumn, were all the more delightful because I used to take them after long hours spent over a book. When I was tired of reading, after a whole morning in the house, I would throw my plaid across my shoulders and set out; my body, which in a long spell of enforced immobility had stored up an accumulation of vital energy, now felt the need, like a spinning-top wound up and let go, to expend it in every direction.

Marcel Proust, Remembrance of Things Past

I am posting this blog a day late, because I found myself in a place without Wi-Fii all day, and failed to finish this piece before I left for parts unknown. I am back into my Proust reading, delighting in many of his meditations. The one posted above fits me to a tee, not only because the autumn is approaching (I’ve enjoyed temperatures in the 70’s for several days now), but because my work has me spending many hours at the desk reading and writing, and I purposefully get up and take long walks to enable the reading material to compost better in my consciousness. Nietzsche once wrote the admonition to trust no thoughts not born in the open air while walking.

Christmas card number 2

One of my Earlier Christmas Cards coming back out this Season

I am also preparing to put out a line of Christmas cards very soon. I have festivals resuming in October, and by that time plan to have a good inventory of them ready to sell.

Thanks for reading.

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