Meet Orlando Guillen

20181027_1304334581623497241478022.jpgEmerging Artist Orlando Guillen

Orlando introduced himself to me a couple of weeks ago at the Edom Art Festival, giving me his card and letting me know he would be at this Hot Pepper Festival today. I’m glad his phone number was on the card, because the 12-block city event has no map or information tent. I would never have found him because he is in Old Town Palestine across the street from one of my favorite dining places.

Orlando works in an auto body shop and fashions his art from scrap parts. I was astounded when I saw the quality and sophistication of his dogwood blossoms and branches. Palestine is a big draw during the Dogwood Festival every March, and I hope these find a home next time the crowds come to town.


Dogwood Blossoms made from Automobile Scrap Parts


Orlando’s Booth across the Street from the Pint and Barrel


If anyone in the area is reading this today, and planning to attend our Hot Pepper Festival, please visit Orlando at his “Crazy Turtle Art” booth. He is located in front of the coffee shop and across the street from Pint and Barrel.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to “Meet Orlando Guillen”

  1. Orlando Guillen Says:

    Thanks David for featuring me in your blog.


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