Climbing Slowly Back into the Saddle


Good evening, blog-reading friends,

I am happy to report that I’ve been healing slowly and steadily since Monday’s surgery, and the stitches will be coming out in a few days. Finally, I am crawling out from under the groggy effects of pain meds and am happily reading again, though I’m still getting sleepy more frequently throughout the day. I have been careful not to push it, and have learned to enjoy long hours of leisure down time.

Today, I finally felt strong enough to resume my grading of final exams for my college courses. I had three classes to complete. Just a few minutes ago, I posted all grades, so now my semester has officially closed and I have a month off before the spring term commences.

I have laid out my plans for what to pursue when I return to the studio, and have a strong compulsion to pursue two separate series of paintings. I look forward to unveiling them to you once I get them underway.

In the meantime, thank you for your thoughtful notes and well-wishes. I’m happy to feel strength and interest returning. I wish all of you the happiest of holidays as this season draws closer.

One Response to “Climbing Slowly Back into the Saddle”

  1. diannmeynor Says:

    Sending Healing Wishes and a Speedy recovery!


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