Hank Called Today

8 x 10″ signed, but now I see some more details to address . . .

A morning to turn on the spiggot with the push of a button on my ballpoint pen and watch my thoughts flow out onto the pages of the journal . . .

Opening lines from my morning journal, trying to get something going . . .

Staring at the line of books across the top of my desk . . .

Saturday morning, early, found me stuck as I sat at my desk trying to figure out what to pursue next. The latest Hank & Randy painting was signed last night, and as I looked at it first thing this morning, I found several features of it unsatisfying that I believe I can improve. But I don’t really feel like wrestling with it just yet.

Several of my “go to” books didn’t do it for me as I opened them to read for inspiration. Several lists of ideas jotted down didn’t really turn up anything of interest for me either. Saturday. Sigh.

Writing in the journal didn’t really satisfy either. After one sentence (posted above), I laughed at Hemingway’s mantra to write just one true sentence and go on from there. I thought I wrote something true; I just couldn’t go on from there . . .

Sandi, my companion, is still in Lubbock five hours away. We’ve worked hard together and separately, getting this Arlington house back in order. For a couple of days alone here, I’ve pursued several tasks and found satisfaction in completing them. But I don’t really have the initiative to start any domestic chores at this time Saturday morning either. I think I do this stuff better when we’re together.

The cell phone rang from the other room, and I almost didn’t go in there to answer it. I frequently ignore calls when I’m trying to stir up some measure of creative eros in the studio. But I decided to go and see who it was, since nothing was happening in here anyway.

It was my Dear Friend I’ve Known Since Second Grade. Wayne White, alias “Hank”. Thanks to Facebook, we re-discovered one another several years back and decided not to let the bond break again. I couldn’t believe my ears when he told me what he was doing. We talk on the phone several times a week though we only manage to get together two-to-three times a year.

So what is “Hank” up to today? Going camping! He was already on the road, heading to some property he owns in the deep woods, three miles from Big River. He excitedly relayed to me over the phone what he had packed along: tent, two Dutch ovens, campfire coffee pot, corn on the cob, baked potatoes, and fire starter (magnesium rod, hatchet, cotton balls soaked in Vaseline–Wayne refuses to bring along matches, always starts his fires with what we used to call the “flint & steel” technique). The more he talked, the more excited I became. He promised to send pictures and relay to me all that he scribbles out in his journal while he spends the weekend in the woods. Wayne is the quintessenial outdoorsman and I relish every aspect of his camping endeavors. Every time we go to the wilderness together, I swear another book is ready to be written.

Hank, thanks for the phone call. As promised, I’m sending out this blog to our readers, leaving out no details. I wish I was there with you, but I guess in a sense I am. . .

Hank Under the Stars

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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8 Responses to “Hank Called Today”

  1. doubledacres Says:

    Randy you are here with me in spirit. I can feel it. I am glad I was able to give you a boost this morning. It’s a beautiful day here. Around 70 degrees and sunshine. Will send pics.

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  2. davidtripp Says:

    And I thank you, Hank! In memory of you (us) I am right now making Cowboy Coffee, unfortunately on the stove instead of out on a camp somewhere.


  3. doubledacres Says:

    Reblogged this on doubledacres and commented:
    A blog from my childhood friend David Tripp. We have known each other since the second grade.


  4. North Liza Lane Says:

    Terrific post! I loved the synchronicity of your close friendship, and the timely connection of the call lifting your spirits. The painting of you and your treasured friend has such a magical quality, ☮️+❤️.


  5. Gloria deGeare Says:

    Awesome. Love your blog. Nice, after hearing “Hank” tell stories of y’all’s travels in the waters of Missouri, to hear your voice shed light on your friend and your time together. Always wonderful !

    Thank you both for sharing. Stay safe, may your soul open and whispers of the rivers and trees fill you with peace.


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