Return to The Gallery at Redlands

The Gallery at Redlands, Palestine, Texas

Meantime he was working harder than he had ever worked in his life, often until three or four in the morning. Then he would fall asleep, his head feeling like a frozen cabbage, only to jump awake again a few hours later, with the words already stringing themselves into sentences, clamoring to be set down.

Carlos Baker, Ernest Hemingway: A Life Story

These are the words describing Ernest Hemingway as he seethed through his first novel The Sun Also Rises. Gripped by scorching memories combined with literary imagination, he tore through the pages all hours of the days and nights until finally completing the task.

After a four-month absence, I’m seated this afternoon in The Gallery at Redlands, bringing with me my work during the recent months of the corona virus. I decided to bring along my manuscript as well as the paintings featuring Hank of Turvey’s Corner. In the days ahead, I plan to work further and deeper into this developing series.

Paintings and manuscript for a new series
The Finest Dining at Queen St. Grille

Returning to the Queen St. Grille across the lobby from the gallery was a luxurious pleasure this evening. How wonderful to sit with Jean and Mike again for an evening of dining and conversation. We were joined by an engaging young business woman from Birmingham, Alabama with deep west Texas roots. It’s been years since I’ve experienced such an enthusiastic quartet of conversation.

The gallery is quiet now that the dinner hour has passed. I miss my radio friends from the days of Smooth Rock 93.5. Even though they only broadcast live in the mornings, the station played 24/7, and in the evenings I enjoyed the music from the studio flooding the gallery. Sadly, it has passed on.

Commission finished earlier today

Before departing for Palestine this afternoon, I managed to finish this commission, a watercolor of a home that has deep memories for the patron. I’m always grateful when called upon to help people wishing to enhance their personal recollections of growing up. I’m hoping that my new series featuring Hank and Randy will help readers and viewers re-live those memories that are worth revisiting. I have a new character sketched out to join these young men. Hopefully I can bring him out soon.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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