Barricaded in the Studio

Hemmed in all Day

How rapidly things change. Yesterday I was gloating about my new renovated studio space. Today I have been barricaded in that same space this entire day. Three rooms of our house are having new flooring installed and the furniture, books, guitars and assorted paraphernalia had to go somewhere. I’ve spent the entire day in this cramped studio, unable to do the artwork I had planned. But I did manage to change out the pickup batteries on two of my guitars and put on new strings. So I guess I have something positive to say about the day, in addition to the excitement building when I finally emerge from this room and get to see the rest of the house and how it looks.

When the studio is ready for work again, I should have renewed energy. I just received three more commissions today while barricaded. Though the coronavirus has shut us down in the marketplace, the online commerce has kicked it up several notches, and for that I am grateful. I have also been scheduled to teach two more watercolor classes in late August. As I posted before, I “have brush, will travel.”

I promised that I would send detailed photos of my studio. Here is the top of my roll top desk. I’m proud of my first editions. The cycladic head is made from the same grade of Parian marble used 5,000 years ago for these kinds of figurines found on the Islands of the Cyclades. This particular marble came from the Greek island of Paros. I purchased it when touring there in 2001. I purchased the replica black-figure amphora from Pompeii during the same tour. The portrait of Democritus I picked up in Athens.

I’ll send more pictures in the next blog. By then, I should have the studio back in shape where I can use it again.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

3 Responses to “Barricaded in the Studio”

  1. Dian DArr Says:

    I love seeing the different part of the studio, but love more that my friend is happy and at peace. PS How does the carpet look??


    • davidtripp Says:

      The new carpet in the 3 rooms looks terrific! And yes, I am happier and more at peace than any other time in my entire life. Sandi’s companionship is the BEST and her vision has transformed this entire home. I’ve never in my life had a more beautiful studio. Life is good.


  2. Xraypics Says:

    Hi, David, long time no chat! Have you considered teaching online? A musical friend teaches ukulele through Zoom. Up to 40 people in a class! She says it is an excellent way of teaching because people can “noodle” away without disturbing the others. She can also give individual help when necessary, again without disturbing the others. I could see watercolour teaching being successful in quite a different way.
    As for myself, I have an exhibition of my digital art coming up next week, we are no longer on lockdown in Queensland, though we have restrictions on numbers.
    Hope you are keeping well.


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