Inspiration vs. Work

Two Drafting Tables. Two Simultaneous Commissions

Inspiration is for amateurs; artists just go to work in the morning.

Chuck Close

I keep this Chuck Close quote on one of my drafting tables as a message to myself every morning when I set to the task of fulfilling commissions. I have several assigned to me now, and have spent today going back and forth between two of them–when one is drying I move to the other, etc. When I don’t have an assignment, I find myself looking for some kind of inspiring message from my morning reading. But when there is a job to do, I go straight to it, usually.

Having said that, I did nevertheless spend about an hour this morning reading from Zola, Thomas Jefferson, and my New Testament. I also spent considerable time scribbling out some new ideas for my next art-related endeavors. And I also decided to pick up the guitar and loosen up. I changed the strings on two of them yesterday and swore I would not neglect them as I have the past six months.

I will show pictures of the two commissions I’m working on, as soon as there is enough to photograph. Meanwhile, here are some other images I’d like to share:

I posted this one earlier today to show my Facebook friends, and it has gotten plenty of attention. Years ago, I acquired a garden gate and this 36″ Coca-Cola sign. I decided to put them together and see how much detail I could manage to capture on a large sheet of watercolor paper. We now have it framed and hanging in the bedroom. I read long ago that when a work is designated “Collection of the Artist” the underlying message is that the artist was never able to sell it. In that case, this belongs in the Collection of the Artist. After years of exposure and no sale, I’m delighted to know that Sandi loves it, so I’ve taken it off the market and given it a home.

Here is another section of my renovated studio. When I look up from the drafting table, I have plenty of objects on which to fix my attention and wander my imagination.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.


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2 Responses to “Inspiration vs. Work”

  1. Dian DArr Says:

    Your studio looks amazing! Some day this will be over, and we will come visit! I have always loved the gate/coke painting. I am glad it has a new home!


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