Digging up Bones in Studio Eidolons

At such times there is a song going on within us, a song to which we listen. It fills us with surprise. We marvel at it. We would continue to hear it. But few are capable of holding themselves in the state of listening to their own song. Intellectuality steps in and as the song within us is of the utmost sensitiveness, it retires in the presence of the cold, material intellect. It is aristocratic and will not associate itself with the commonplace–and we fall back and become our ordinary selves. Yet we live in the memory of these songs which in moments of intellectual inadvertence have been possible to us. They are the pinnacles of our experience and it is the desire to express these intimate sensations, this song from within, which motivates the masters of all art.

Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

I awoke this Friday morning with that song of Robert Henri vibrating within me. As soon as the morning coffee was finished, I entered Studio Eidolons and resumed work on a pair of sketches begun yesterday and the day before–a Bomber lure on 8 x 10″ paper and an old boxcar in my recently purchased 5.5 x 8″ watercolor sketchbook (For years I have sworn I would keep a watercolor sketchbook and FINALLY begin my first practice piece). After all these decades, maybe I will keep a sketchbook faithfully. I have yet to do so.

While going back and forth between the two drafting tables, suddenly the “canyon fever” returned to me. Digging through my lateral file drawers, I finally came across nine canyon watercolor sketches, nearly all of them executed en plein air but none of them completed. I have now decided to put fresh eyes on these bones just now dug up to see if I can bring any of them to their conclusions. In the store room, I still have nine unfinished pieces from Sedona, over a year old now. Possibilities right now seem endless, and it’s an exciting time to paint once again.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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