Painting through the Darkness

Beginning of an 8 x 10″ watercolor sketch of winter evergreens

I promise to love this life I was given and do my best to deserve it.

Garrison Keillor, That Time of Year: A Minnesota Life

For 48 hours, I have been drifting in the darkness of this nation along with everyone else. I choose not to post my perspectives on this event, but still acknowledge a profound pain over events that defy description. Waking before daylight, I found solace this morning in the opening chapters of Garrison Keillor’s recent work, and when I reached the quote above, I had to close the book and just sit in silence for awhile.

Henri Matisse’s life as an artist lived through two World Wars, yet his art never reflected the dark eras of those times. Biographer Hilary Spurling observed “His deepest instinct in the face of erupting violence and destruction was to respond with an affirmation of everything that made life worth living.”

And so I as well have immersed myself the past couple of days in a series of watercolor experiments, recording many observations in an attempt to crank out better work in 2021. In the days ahead, I hope to share some of the insights I’ve recorded along with fresh ideas I’ve gleaned from reading and journaling. Meanwhile, I urge all of my readers to look ahead, to hope, and try at every turn to contribute something of value to our communities.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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8 Responses to “Painting through the Darkness”

  1. danielwalldammit Says:

    Beautiful scene.


  2. Hannah Goolsby Says:

    Unfortunately, I have immersed myself in food. That is, except for one long FB response to Jean Kevil on FB.
    I appreciate what you’re doing here, David. Love the different shades of green. Thank you for sharing your gifts as an artist, a writer, and a philosopher!


    • davidtripp Says:

      Bless you, Hannah. I’m not going to let toxic thoughts fester in my studio and smother attempts to draw or paint. But honestly, it’s harder for me to express in writing something worthy on social media (the toilet of the Internet). Thank God Twitter and Facebook are trying to correct a gift turned to ash. I have always, ALWAYS cherished your gift of language and gentleness of spirit. Thank you for sharing those with me.


    • davidtripp Says:

      Hannah, thank you for making my day so much better with such an affirming response. Throughout the years, you have been an intellectual and poetic inspiration to me. I am grateful anytime I find out that I have something good to offer you in return.


  3. memadtwo Says:

    Such healing greens. (K)


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