Hank is Coming to Palestine, Texas

Early Sketch of Hank from Turvey’s Corner

Reclining against his backpack, Hank savored the warmth of the fire that neutralized the chill of the October night. He had left Turvey’s Corner just this morning, but thanks to a pair of truckers, had managed to put nearly twelve hours between himself and the town he just left. Finding wide open plains west of Vinita, Oklahoma, he now rested his stiff body and gazed in wonder at the millions of stars filling the deep night sky.

David Tripp, Turvey’s Corner 63050

Wayne White, fellow blogger and my friend since second grade, inspired me a year ago to begin writing a series of stories to support my long-term project of a watercolor series titled “Turvey’s Corner.” I hope one day this will appear as a published book. Turvey’s Corner is a fictitious town situated in the four-mile gap along U. S. Highway 30 between High Ridge and House Springs, Missouri where Wayne and I grew up. The past year’s cycle of stories and paintings have been featured in my blog posts, but none of the paintings have gone public to date. That will change on March 20, when The Gallery at Redlands opens under the new ownership of Sandi and me.

Not only will five of the paintings debut in the opening of the Gallery; Wayne White (alias Hank) will travel from Missouri to attend the opening, posting his own photography for first time public viewing. Among that weekend’s scheduled Dogwood Festival events, Wayne and I are planning a gallery talk to share the Turvey’s Corner vision. More details will follow in future blog posts. Meanwhile, I offer up my salute to Wayne and his role in giving birth to the Hank saga.

Wayne and I were competitive artists throughout our school years. With his superb athleticism, he excelled in sports throughout high school and later turned to photography as his avocation. Going our separate ways after high school graduation, we found each other later in life, thanks to Facebook. Wayne lives in rural Missouri, south of St. Louis and we get together up there several times a year for camping and fishing. In March he will come to Texas where we will resume our camping and fishing adventures, and participate in The Gallery at Redlands festivities opening to coincide with the Dogwood Festival March 19-20.

Wayne’s selfie that inspired the painting and stories
Hank Under the Stars. Framed 16(h) x 11(w)”. $500

We are still in the planning stages, but will update you as the event approaches. Our excitement grows as the time draws nearer.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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4 Responses to “Hank is Coming to Palestine, Texas”

  1. Dian Says:

    This is great! Can’t believe Hank is coming to Texas!


  2. sienablue Says:

    When you made the gallery announcement, I was wondering if you would still have time to work on Turvey’s Corner. Glad to hear it’s still part of the plan.


  3. davidtripp Says:

    Oh yes! I have promised not to cut back on my own art production. I have painted several days in a row despite taking on the new responsibilities of the gallery. However, my space in the gallery I have reduced by about 90%.


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