Gratefully Snowbound in Texas

Lovely snowfall outside Studio Eidolons

So all night long the storm roared on:
The morning broke without a sun;
In tiny spherule traced with lines
Of Nature’s geometric signs,
In starry flake, and pellicle,
All day the hoary meteor fell;

John Greenleaf Whittier, “Snow-Bound: A Winter Idyl”

My 1881 edition of Whittier

The weather forecast told us snow would fall throughout the night. Sure enough, when dogs woke me at 5:45, wanting to be let outside for their constitutional, I was delighted to see the lovely carpet of white across the back patio. Even more, I loved going to the woodpile to kick snow off the top pieces of wood to bring inside and start a fire in the fireplace. I had to wait for the dogs to stop frolicking in the unknown powder before going back inside.

As I write this in the afternoon, the snowfall has not abated, and is not expected to. We went to the store yesterday with all the multitudes to stock up on provisions, as we are expecting about five days of plummeting temperatures and additional snowfall Wednesday. What currently falls is not expected to go away as temperatures remain in the teens. This is highly unusual for north Texas.

I am ecstatic to announce that I have begun a new cycle of Hank stories to continue my Turvey’s Corner project. I awoke with the dogs this morning, and new Hank adventures visited me in my sleep. All day I have been typing and the pages are piling up. I am not yet ready to release the stories as they are still rough drafts. But by the time we open our Gallery at Redlands March 20, I’ll be ready to let them out. My boyhood friend Wayne White (alias Hank) will be joining us, not only to display his photography in our new showing of artists’ works, but also to join me in presenting a gallery talk on the latest from Turvey’s Corner. I am ecstatic that the public will finally meet “Hank” and get a chance to know him better and see his work along with the new things I’ve been creating. We anticipate an exciting weekend March 19-20, as this new group known as The Twelve will present the new face of The Gallery at Redlands. It appears that enthusiasm is already building in Palestine; a painting from one of our new artists sold last night. Congratulations, Cecilia!

a new sketch in progress of Fort Worth’s Tower 55 from a photograph taken in 1975 (part of the Hank saga)
newly completed watercolor from the Hank saga in an 8 s 10″ frame. $100

I am delighted to have an excuse not to get in the truck and drive somewhere to keep an appointment. With the lovely snow falling harder by the hour, I love sitting here in Studio Eidolons and watching it while writing Hank stories, watercoloring, sketching, reading, and scribbling in my journals. I cannot think of a more wonderful way to pass the day.

Thank you for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.


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