Working through the Freeze

Lovely View through the Windows of Studio Eidolons

Zeus was outraged. He decreed that Prometheus be punished by being bound to Mount Caucasus, where a vulture was to come each morning and eat away his liver which would grow again at night. This element in the myth, incidentally, is a vivid symbol of the creative process. All artists have at some time had the experience at the end of the day of feeling tired, spent, and so certain they can never express their vision that they vow to forget it and start all over again on something else the next morning. But during the night their “liver grows back again.” They arise full of energy and go back with renewed hope to their task, again to strive in the smithy of their soul.

Rollo May, The Courage to Create

Heavy snowfall has swallowed the Arlington neighborhoods. More is expected Wednesday. Living in Texas since 1977, I can testify that I have never seen this before down here. I’m glad to be inside with the fireplace going full tilt, enjoying the lovely views out every window of our house.

Rollo May has sounded excellent chords with his observations posted above. Late into the nights, Sandi and I have been talking over our gallery plans in the coming weeks as we prepare to introduce The Twelve on the night of March 20. There is so much to do that we find ourselves exhausted mentally late every night. Nevertheless, as Rollo May pointed out, on the morning after, I always discover my liver has grown back, and I am ready to burst into the studio and go to work afresh. Today I spent a large part of the morning writing and re-writing my latest Hank story to add to my collection. And I’m beginning a watercolor composition of Tower 55 in the Union Pacific yards on the south side of Fort Worth to coincide with the new Hank story. We have decided to add a Gallery Talk to the weekend festivities at Palestine’s Dogwood Festival, so Wayne White and I are busy talking almost daily of our new plans.

New Work in Progress

I can honestly say that the heavy snowfall that has already occurred, along with the forecast for Wednesday, keeps me from driving about town chasing down errands. I plan on using the time wisely this week to continue planning the business end of The Gallery at Redlands. Hopefully we can travel there this next weekend and pick up where we left off two weekends ago.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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4 Responses to “Working through the Freeze”

  1. Dian Darr Says:

    Enjoy this respite from busy errands. This weather has certainly slowed down life. Our power goes out every few hours so I am curled up in bed reading with the dog nearby. The internet is sporadic- no laundry- no dishes to do- while errands just have to wait. I rarely have a day of such quiet solitude!


    • davidtripp Says:

      The snow is beautiful but the power issues are terrifying. So far, we’ve kept our power intact, but are filling pails of water now for standby just in case . . . I am so happy to stay in for awhile and have gotten so much work done in preparation for the gallery opening. It’s lovely hearing from you and what you are doing–please stay safe and keep cultivating bliss!


  2. doubledacres Says:

    It is an unusual winter even here in Missouri. The temperatures are negative at night and not making it out of the single digits in the day time. My stock tank heater can’t keep the water from freezing on top. The temps and 7 inches of snow has made it a major job of taking care of the horses and getting wood in for heat. Going to bed exhausted and waking up rejuvenated and do it all over again. I am definitely looking forward to March 20.


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