Musings over Winter Work

When I use the word rebel for the artist, I do not refer to revolutionary or to such things as taking over the dean’s office; that is a different matter. Artists are generally soft-spoken persons who are concerned with their inner visions and images. But that is precisely what makes them feared by any coercive society. For they are the bearers of the human being’s age-old capacity to be insurgent. They love to emerse themselves in chaos in order to put it into form, just as God created form out of chaos in Genesis. Forever unsatisfied with the mundane, the apathetic, the conventional, they always push on to newer worlds.

Rollo May, The Courage to Create

The beautiful winter day has been spent at the drafting table, dividing my time between scrutinizing the details of this Fort Worth railyard setting and looking up at the marvelous white abyss blanketing our neighborhood. My only appointment for the day was canceled awhile ago, so I am more than happy to stay indoors, stay warm, and avoid getting into a vehicle to go sledding across town.

I’ve also had the privilege of communicating with several members of The Twelve (artists who will open The Gallery at Redlands March 20). Enthusiasm is already reaching fever pitch. One of them sent me this link to a video I had forgotten since it was created a few years ago, and I am posting it now for any readers interested in viewing a stunning media presentation of Palestine. If you blink, you will miss seeing me seated at the desk in The Gallery at Redlands.

The day is perfect for painting, my watercolor should be dry enough to continue, so I’ll close this and get back to work.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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One Response to “Musings over Winter Work”

  1. lorrainemcfarland Says:

    I’m glad I reminded you. It’s a great little video!


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