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Manifesto from the New Group of Creative Spirits at The Gallery at Redlands

February 9, 2021
Partial Installation of New Work at The Gallery at Redlands

Enter the Twelve

We are The Twelve.

Ruminating, fashioning, presenting,

Offering creations, gifts to our brothers and sisters.

Pondering our world, we re-shape,  we re-cut, we re-color,

Inviting prismatic light to reach diverse eyes.

We are The Twelve.

In quiet studios we dream, we feel, we cry.

We say Yes! to the invitation to create.

Our creator fashioned us in His image,

The Imago Dei, the faculty to create.

We are The Twelve.

Our paintings, pottery, photographs and sculptures weave a tapestry

Of collective lives, tightly woven in a web of belief.

We are The Twelve.

Converging on The Gallery at Redlands, we join in chorus

To celebrate lives immersed in the arts,

Adhering to words from our patron Saint Matthew:

Art still has truth.

Take refuge there.

We are The Twelve.

Poem by David Tripp


Stay tuned, more to come. Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

Hank is Coming to Palestine, Texas

February 9, 2021
Early Sketch of Hank from Turvey’s Corner

Reclining against his backpack, Hank savored the warmth of the fire that neutralized the chill of the October night. He had left Turvey’s Corner just this morning, but thanks to a pair of truckers, had managed to put nearly twelve hours between himself and the town he just left. Finding wide open plains west of Vinita, Oklahoma, he now rested his stiff body and gazed in wonder at the millions of stars filling the deep night sky.

David Tripp, Turvey’s Corner 63050

Wayne White, fellow blogger and my friend since second grade, inspired me a year ago to begin writing a series of stories to support my long-term project of a watercolor series titled “Turvey’s Corner.” I hope one day this will appear as a published book. Turvey’s Corner is a fictitious town situated in the four-mile gap along U. S. Highway 30 between High Ridge and House Springs, Missouri where Wayne and I grew up. The past year’s cycle of stories and paintings have been featured in my blog posts, but none of the paintings have gone public to date. That will change on March 20, when The Gallery at Redlands opens under the new ownership of Sandi and me.

Not only will five of the paintings debut in the opening of the Gallery; Wayne White (alias Hank) will travel from Missouri to attend the opening, posting his own photography for first time public viewing. Among that weekend’s scheduled Dogwood Festival events, Wayne and I are planning a gallery talk to share the Turvey’s Corner vision. More details will follow in future blog posts. Meanwhile, I offer up my salute to Wayne and his role in giving birth to the Hank saga.

Wayne and I were competitive artists throughout our school years. With his superb athleticism, he excelled in sports throughout high school and later turned to photography as his avocation. Going our separate ways after high school graduation, we found each other later in life, thanks to Facebook. Wayne lives in rural Missouri, south of St. Louis and we get together up there several times a year for camping and fishing. In March he will come to Texas where we will resume our camping and fishing adventures, and participate in The Gallery at Redlands festivities opening to coincide with the Dogwood Festival March 19-20.

Wayne’s selfie that inspired the painting and stories
Hank Under the Stars. Framed 16(h) x 11(w)”. $500

We are still in the planning stages, but will update you as the event approaches. Our excitement grows as the time draws nearer.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

The Redlands Twelve

February 8, 2021

Soon I will introduce our merry band of twelve artists featured at The Gallery at Redlands in Palestine, Texas. Our opening reception to meet the artists will happen sometime in late March. Details will be posted as soon as they are solidified. Meanwhile, Sandi and I have returned home, and this morning’s quiet in Studio Eidolons has been soothing.

My inspiration for the number twelve derives from America’s first known art movement, popularly labeled The Ashcan School. The artists of that “school” referred to themselves as The Eight. They drew inspiration from their leader Robert Henri in his studio at 806 Walnut Street in Philadelphia. In those quarters, the young Henri fired up his group as they discussed ideas drawn from Emerson, Whitman, Ibsen, Checkhov and Tolstoy’s essay “What is Art?”. The Eight believed they could bring their vision to their Philadelphia neighborhood. We, now refered to as The Twelve, hope to bring our inspiration to the citizens of Palestine and East Texas, to those who seek inspiration to color their daily lives. It is our hope that The Gallery at Redlands will become a hub of creative activity where people dare to dream dreams and improve their lives through creative vision and response.

We agree that 2020 was a forgettable year, with art activities essentially shut down, restricted to online presence. We hope now to emerge victorious in 2021 with renewed faith in the artful life.

Baby Paddington, my companion, naps at my feet while I work in Studio Eidolons

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

The Next Chapter: Sandi and I are the New Owners of The Gallery at Redlands

February 7, 2021

Our lives are the result of all the doors we have walked through, and our continued growth depends on our willingness to keep moving into new spaces.

Madisyn Taylor, “When Doors Open”, DailyOM

On February 12, 2017, the Gallery at Redlands was conceived. Wade and Gail Thomas sat down with me in an old general store in rural east Texas and they shared their vision for opening a gallery in Palestine, Texas. They wanted me to inaugurate it with a One-Man-Show.

A little over a month later, on March 24, the Gallery at Redlands opened for business, with the One-Man-Show lasting three weeks, coinciding with Palestine’s Dogwood Festival. When the show closed, Wade and Gail invited me to remain in the gallery, and Jean Mollard, owner of the Redlands Hotel where the Gallery lives, offered me overnight lodging in the hotel anytime I made the two-hour drive to Palestine to work in the space.

Last month, Wade approached me to find out if I was interested in taking over the ownership of the venue. I was elated to find Sandi just as enthusiastic as I to walk through this door. Two Saturdays ago, we took possession of the Gallery and worked till 9:30 that evening before driving home exhausted to recuperate. Last Saturday we returned with two paintings, two crates of pottery, and three stone sculptures, and stayed in the Gallery till midnight before driving home even more exhausted. Now today, Sunday, I have decided I can hold off no longer to announce this exciting news. We have contracted eleven artists to enliven this space with oil, acrylic, watercolor and pastel paintings along with photography, pottery and sculpture. After four years of The Gallery at Redlands existing as a showcase for my watercolors, we now choose to open it up to a diverse collection of visual media.

The sheer ecstasy of our new collection of artists cannot be overstated. Though we have yet to convene as a group, I have been stirred by phone and face-to-face conversations with the individuals. Their enthusiasm resonates in ways reminiscent of Stieglitz’s Gallery 291 in New York, Henri’s studio at 806 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, the Ninth Street Club in Greenwich Village and the Cafe Gerbois in Paris. I am convinced that creative sparks will fly once we all gather and share as a group that hopefully Palestine and the surrounding area will notice.

Sculpture by Mark Hyde, Pottery by Paula Cadle
My latest watercolor
We’re still waiting on art from the rest of the crew; my own watercolors are filling space for a few weeks more.
Meet Sandi, whose energy exceeds mine at least threefold
As the clock neared midnight, I had to slump in the chair, while Sandi continued to set up
Stacy Campbell, our newest Pop Artist with her recent work, “I Like Your Willie”

I cannot express my gratitude to Wade, Gail, Jean and Mike for opening this door for us to pass through. The world opening on the other side offers so much promise and adventure. In closing, I share Wade and Gail’s post on The Gallery at Redlands page on Facebook:

Our decision to open The Gallery at Redlands depended entirely on our friend David Tripp agreeing to be a major part. Through the years, as we hoped would happen, David has become the face of the gallery. He has always been the one to make the gallery come alive. It was always our intention, when the time was right, to turn the ownership of the gallery over to David. Well, we are happy to announce that the day has come and as of today The Gallery at Redlands is under the ownership of David. Congratulations to you, sir. We are excited for both you and the future of the gallery and wish you nothing but the very best, Wade and Gail

Thank you again, Wade and Gail, and thanks to the rest of you for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.