Weekend Work in The Gallery at Redlands

View of The Gallery at Redlands from the Lobby of The Redlands Hotel

The artist must cultivate his own garden as the only secure field in the violence and uncertainties of our time.

Meyer Schapiro, Modern Art–19th and 20th Centuries, Selected papers (letter written in 1957)

From Friday through Sunday night, Sandi and I kept busy in The Gallery at Redlands, hauling in furniture, installing lights and hanging new artwork. The weekend proved just as rewarding as tiring. Today if feels good to do absolutely nothing but read and relax at home. The Twelve are happily producing new work as I write this, and throughout the weekend we heard from over half of them, expressing their anticipation for a great event when we convene March 20 from 7-9 pm. The Meyer Schapiro quote I recognize from the concluding pages of Voltaire’s Candide, and the words have been my comfort for years. Art has been my refuge through decades of turmoil and change, and again I fall back on those immortal words from Matthew Arnold:

Art still has truth

Take refuge there

I am working at introducing a member of The Twelve every other day. The response has been very warm and we thank you for that. We shall keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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2 Responses to “Weekend Work in The Gallery at Redlands”

  1. crmcbeath-urrutia Says:

    As a happy traveler stumbling upon your blog, I have to say “kudos!” to you, and tip my (virtual) hat! As an artist turned caseworker turned lawyer turned digital marketer turned writer, I love your dedication to the focus of making art, supporting art and showcasing art and artists. In art school, we only learned about artists told to us (and those in Art in America or ArtForum (like the New York Times and L.A. Times of the art world). I broke out after graduating, knowing there was more to this universe, and feeling cheated (I was). My new focus, Small Space Life, is about finding a creative way to live. At its core, this is also art, but not directly. I am excited to find you and will be following and sharing your projects and triumphs! I look forward to finding more artists! Redlands, Texas has a real gem!


    • davidtripp Says:

      My friend, thank you for finding and reaching out to us! I would love to know more of your travels, your ideas, your art, your philosophy! We are moving at breakneck speed for another week and then hope to stop, chill, reflect and learn more from our friends around us. Thank you and please lest us know more about you.


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