Meet Cecilia Bramhall, One of The Twelve

Cecilia Bramhall Collection, Featuring Be a Unicorn in a Herd of Heifers, Oil, 16 x 20″ $450

Today we proudly introduce Cecilia Bramhall, one of The Twelve who will open our next show at The Gallery at Redlands, Saturday night March 20 from 7 till 9:00.

Cecilia did not pursue art until she was in her forties, though the passion to create hounded her from her youth. Her misfortune was the negative criticism she received from her high school art instructor, a sad story I encounter too many times when talking to artists who have found success in their later adult years. The negative high school experience convinced her that she lacked the talent for art though she was possessed with the passion. At Texas A&M University, Cecilia chose Biomedical Science as her major and graduated with a Bachelor of Science with pride, though she still wished to pursue the arts.

Cecilia’s fortune changed dramatically in 2009 when she discovered the Cordovan Art School in Round Rock, Texas. The owner and teacher of the school, John Howell, proved to be the inspirational mentor she wished she had known in her high school years. Mr. Howell encouraged her to pursue oil painting, convincing her that she had the skill, the focus, and most importantly the desire and confidence to develop. Her skill set improved dramatically in the coming years as Mr. Howell challenged her to avoid pencil and charcoal, approaching the canvas directly and confidently with the paint brush. Throughout her nine years at Cordovan, Cecilia is most grateful for this direct method of oil painting and now acknowledges that she has no choice but to create.

Residing in the country outside Palestine, Cecilia thrives in her converted barn, renamed Tin Roof Studio. Her daily routine is a genuine romance, similar to stories we read of Jackson Pollock at Springs, Long Island, walking out of the kitchen to take a couple of dozen steps across the property to enter the studio with spacious windows open to the light that inspires her to create afresh nearly every day. This artist is so possessed with the act of creation that she finds it not unusual to begin painting at nine in the morning, and suddenly it is three in the afternoon and she hasn’t even stopped for lunch. “Life in the zone” keeps her pushing for new ideas in painting.

Cecilia paints with the hope to spark people’s imagination, to see a story or simply make one up. Her art engages viewers to fuse reality and fantasy. And though our Gallery is scheduled to open officially with an artists’ reception March 20, two of Cecilia’s paintings have already been purchased with enthusiasm.

Cecilia’s website is We invite you to check out her work online, and please attend our opening March 20.

Thanks for reading. Cecilia, as one of The Twelve, hopes to meet you in the days ahead.


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2 Responses to “Meet Cecilia Bramhall, One of The Twelve”

  1. doubledacres Says:

    Those good ole art teachers. Cecilia I had a similar experience with an art teacher. Looking forward to meeting you and the rest.


  2. davidtripp Says:

    I told Cecilia of your similar experience, and that I would mention it (with your permission) when we get your introduction on the blog.


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