Introducing Artist Elaine Jary, One of the Twelve

Graceful Pose 20.5h x 17.5w” Framed Giclée $275

Elaine’s Statement:

I’m so happy to be a part of The Twelve and The Gallery at Redlands; thank you David and Sandi! I look forward to many gallery events where patrons and artists can meet to discuss and view art in a beautiful environment.

My life as an artist began when I was a child. As long as I can remember, I loved to draw. I had a natural ability. After high school, where I always took art classes as electives, I earned a BA in Graphic Communication and wanted to be an illustrator, but life had other plans for me, and I worked in the corporate environment in administration and marketing for many years. Fast forward to 2011 when I decided to learn watercolor. The latent desire to create art was unleashed and I’ve never looked back. I find I am drawn to the subject of nature, especially birds. Many of the reference photos for my bird paintings are taken from the window overlooking my back yard, and I think of my paintings as “windows to nature.” I want to capture a moment of beauty in our natural world that is perhaps fleeting and easily overlooked.

Recently I was looking for a file on my computer, and I came across an entry that I wrote on September 14, 2019 entitled “The Beauty of Life”. It describes a perfect day for me as an artist:

This morning I traveled 50 miles to McKinney to be the featured artist at the coffee shop “Filtered” and had a blast painting and interacting with passers-by, and talking with Donna, the gallery director. Then I came home, and Z and I had a wonderful late lunch at an Italian restaurant in Southlake. Arriving home, I took a nap, called my mom, went over to my son’s house and visited with his family, including my 7-year-old grandson Cash, whom I adore; came home and worked on art projects. Life is good and I am grateful. The universe is mysterious, beyond human comprehension. Why is there life; what does the cycle of life mean? How is my tiny life relevant to anything in the scope of the universe? The answer is that my life is important to the people in my life to whom I am connected by love. What is love? I don’t know how to explain it, but I know it is the only thing that makes life worthwhile. Love as in our feelings for people we are close to, our feelings for our vocation, our feelings for our environment, our desire to help each other, our desire to connect with others. My art is my connection to others beyond the small circle of my family and friends; my connection to humanity.


Thank you, Elaine, for being a part of The Twelve, and for sharing your art and life with our expanding community. We look forward to a warm gathering March 20 when we open The Gallery at Redlands.

And The Twelve thanks our readers for staying in touch with what we are doing, this labor of love.


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One Response to “Introducing Artist Elaine Jary, One of the Twelve”

  1. lorrainemcfarland Says:

    Beautiful painting. I look forward to meeting you!


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