Meet Wayne White (alias Hank!), One of The Twelve

Photograph developed onto glass 7.2 x 9.6″ comes with stand or can be hung on wall $110

(I have to get this out of the way, quickly!)–Wayne White, my school pal since second grade, has been the inspiration for my “Hank” series of paintings and stories I hope to publish in a book titled Turvey’s Corner 63050. Readers of my blog have already seen the stories and watercolors, but the paintings have not been on public view. When we open The Gallery at Redlands with our show of The Twelve on March 20 (7-9 pm), four of the paintings will be on view, and Wayne will be present, not as my mascot, but as a photographer/artist in his own right. In a few days I’ll depart for St. Louis to pick up him along with his work, and we’ll return together for the opening.


Since the second grade, Wayne and I were in classes together and in friendly competition with each other and a third fellow, Glen Land. In drawing and painting we were always eyeing each other’s work and vying for first place in competitions and praise from our teachers. I believe I can safely say we were in a tight three-way tie. But when it came to athletics, there was no competition; Wayne was the premier athlete in every sport.

Once high school arrived, Wayne was in sharp demand for basketball, baseball and track. All the coaches wanted a piece of him, and he would eventually land the captaincy in varsity basketball. In Art I, we shared a jerk of a teacher (this story is parallel with what we published earlier with readers in our introduction to Cecilia Bramhall, another member of The Twelve). Early in the ninth grade, the art teacher, looking over Wayne’s work, said “Better stick with track.” Wayne was shattered, dropped out of art and focused his entire high school career on sports. At that point we went our separate ways and didn’t find each other again until Facebook came on the scene.

Though dropping out of formal art classes, Wayne was never finished with art itself. He laughs today at his memories of developing 110 Fuji film, reading photography magazines, and trying to understand the dynamics of framing photographs as works of art. In his everyday life, he looked at the world around, constantly musing, “How can I turn that scene into a work of art?” In 1976, Wayne’s art world expanded with his purchase of a 35mm camera, and then when the digital age arrived, he finally accepted it (reluctantly, he says, referring to himself as “old school”).

We can accurately describe Wayne as a Renaissance man, with an imagination that fuels several pursuits in his personal life. He has recently retired from work as a farrier, though he still has his own horses and frequently focuses his blacksmithing skills, shaping and fashioning iron. Wayne is also an avid fly-fisherman, freqently kayaking down the various rivers in his county south of St. Louis. I also like to call him the Cowboy Cook. Wayne is a master of Dutch ovens and cowboy coffee. Everytime he cooks for us on camping trips, I am flabbergasted at how he keeps several Dutch ovens going simultaneously along with a coffee pot hanging over the fire, and all the food items come out at the same time, steaming hot on the plate! His camping skills also amaze me; I’ve never seen him use a match or lighter to start a fire for cooking. He is strictly a flint-and-steel igniter. I am excited, just thinking about our next time setting up tents and camping alongside a stream somewhere. But both of us are much more excited to attend the opening of our gallery on the night of March 20. Please come and meet Wayne and see his excellent work.

Wayne is also a successful blogger. You can read his musings at

Thanks for reading.

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6 Responses to “Meet Wayne White (alias Hank!), One of The Twelve”

  1. doubledacres Says:

    You are too kind my friend. Your writing and use of words are an art in itself. I am honored you asked me to be a member of the twelve. I am certainly in good company and very impressed with their art. I have just seen pictures of their art and already I have been moved to do and try some new ideas with my photography. I see another dimension that never manifested itself before in my photographic works. The seed has been planted now I have to bring it to harvest. Thank you my friend.


    • davidtripp Says:

      My friend, I’m grateful we were allowed to live long enough to experience these wonders. The two of us pushed our art together through the school years, and now we’ve been allowed to come back together, in a gallery of all places! I’m glad you didn’t stick with track.

      Liked by 1 person

      • doubledacres Says:

        It’s been a long hard ride my friend with many ups and downs but it has all been worth it. We are at a time in our lives when we can start enjoying what we have accomplished. You my friend, with the opening of the gallery, have arrived. I am elated that you included me. You have just begun and there are great things yet to come. Embrace it and enjoy it. You have certainly earned it!


  2. Dian DArr Says:

    What a beautiful friendship! I want to go camping with you guys! I feel like I know Wayne, and I can’t wait to see some of his photography. I was reminded of the power of a teacher’s words. How awful to discourage a student to explore any field. Ron’s parents were once told he would never be good at math. Of course he has a EE degree which required more math than a math major! Wayne, so glad you are a part of The Twelve!

    Liked by 1 person

    • davidtripp Says:

      My Friend we’re both haunted by thoughts of when we may have been careless with our words or wit. Students’ lives are indeed sculpted with words. Thank you for reaching out to Wayne, a lovely artistic soul, as are you.


    • doubledacres Says:

      Looking forward to meeting you also Dian. Count me in on the camping trip. David and I try to do one a year. The last one we did was Silver Mines just outside Fredericktown


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