Anticipation Rising: Thursday night working in The Gallery at Redlands

One-and-a-Half Weeks before we Open with our Meet the Twelve Reception

Enter The Twelve

We are The Twelve.

Ruminating, fashioning, presenting,

Offering creations, gifts to our brothers and sisters.

Pondering our world, we re-shape,  we re-cut, we re-color,

Inviting prismatic light to reach diverse eyes.

We are The Twelve.

In quiet studios we dream, we feel, we cry.

We say Yes! to the invitation to create.

Our creator fashioned us in His image,

The Imago Dei, the faculty to create.

We are The Twelve.

Our paintings, pottery, photographs and sculpture weave a tapestry

Of collective lives, tightly woven fellowship of belief.

We are The Twelve.

Converging on The Gallery at Redlands, we join in chorus

To celebrate lives immersed in the arts,

Adhering to words of our patron Saint Matthew:

Art still has truth.

Take refuge there.

We are The Twelve.


Sandi and I gratefully received word that our initial COVID vaccines are scheduled for Saturday morning. Thus, we’re working in The Gallery at Redlands during mid-week. On Sunday I’ll be heading to Missouri to pick up Lorraine McFarland’s pastels in Rolla (she will fly to Palestine for the opening of our gallery, and forunately will not have to pack her artwork onto the plane). After Lorraine, I’ll head to Bonne Terre, Missouri to pick up Wayne White (alias “Hank”) and his photography, and together we’ll return to Texas. We have plenty of conversational catching up to do.

We earnestly hope you will be able to join us for the celebrations next weekend. Friday March 19 from 5-9 is the VIP reception for Art Alley. Eight artists have been selected to display and sell their work under a large tent with ten-foot spaces between each booth to comply with COVID protocol. Tickets are $20 per person and are required for attendance which will feature exhibits, heavy hors d’oeuvres, alcoholic beverages and live music. Four of our Twelve artists will be featured in this event.

Saturday night March 20 from 7-9 will feature our Meet the Artists reception for The Twelve. The conversations online between artists who’ve never met before has been so gratifying to read. Art lovers who read the blog and Facebook also have reached out with affirming words of praise to this group of artistic spirits. Sandi and I cannot wait to spend a couple of days with them as they begin arriving in Palestine.

Meanwhile, details continue to arise that must be addressed. The hour is drawing late, so I will close this and say Thank You for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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