Morning in the City

Enjoying the Morning Quiet

I awoke, feeling I was in an Edward Hopper painting. Suite 207 in the historic Redlands Hotel in Palestine, Texas has been a second home for me in recent years. The Gallery at Redlands is below me, and just thinking of how it looks inside fills me with warmth, even more than the coffee. Reading from New Art City, I occasionally look up, happy to see the silhouette of an ancient fire escape outside my window. The view of the Carnegie Library across the street always fills me with a nostalgic imagination of what life was like in this city when New York was booming in the fifties. Palestine only has a population of 18,000, so it’s much quieter than urban environments as we know them, but just now as I’m writing this, the garbage trucks are groaning and thrashing about as they empty the dumpsters outside the Queen Street Grille, also below me and across the lobby from the gallery.

Reading stories in New Art City about Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and other members of The New York School fuels the excitement I’m feeling about The Twelve as the day draws closer for them to enter The Gallery at Redlands (I’ve written a poem “Enter the Twelve” that’s been posted repeatedly on this blog). The camaraderie among the new artists is warm, and I’m enjoying every contact I experience with them.

Sacred Heart Catholic Church across the street

Sacred Heart Catholic Church tolls the hour, 7 a.m. I find myself rising from the kitchen table to stroll back to the bedroom and look out the window across to the church. This magnificent structure has kept me good company in past years, tolling out the hour throughout the day. I always found comfort in listening to it.

Watercolor of Sacred Heart
Ghost Sign in Elkhart, Texas

Ghost signs are among my favorite subjects for watercolor. Visiting Elkhart recently, we found this on the side of one of the businesses downtown. I look forward to attacking in on paper, hopefully soon. After returning to the gallery from Elkhart, I was surprised while talking to a visitor, Gayle Rogers, that there is a Pilgrim Cemetery and old church outside Elkhart with a number of the Parker clan buried there. As it turns out, Gayle is an 8th-generation descendent of Cynthia Parker, the one kidnapped by the Comanches who later became mother to Chief Quanah Parker.

It’s been an amazing day, and we’re hardly past noon. Time to get down to gallery work. We hope you’ll join us for our Meet the Artist reception Saturday night, March 20, 7-9. The Twelve are excited to meet you!

Thanks for reading.

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5 Responses to “Morning in the City”

  1. Stacy Campbell Says:

    Love this one.
    I’ve never heard the term “ghost signs” before. I like it. I’m looking forward to spending time in Palestine myself, especially this weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. doubledacres Says:

    Mr David I hope we have time to visit the cemetery. I am really looking forward to looking around Palestine.


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