Serene Friday Evening Moments at the Gallery at Redlands

Friday evening work in progress

Some day I am going to own a few feet of earth somewhere and put a house over it. Just one big room will do, with a stove and a basin of water, a huge desk, a bookcase and an easel. Then life can go rolling by, and what floats in through my door will be sufficient for me.

I have seen enough. I want to express, to realize, henceforth. All the riches crowding into my brain day after day, and only little strings of sausage meat coming forth.

Henry Miller

This evening, while I worked on the watercolor, I received word from Stacy Campbell (one of The Twelve) that she is clearing everything out of her bedroom to create her own unique space, a muse-ic room. Stacy is a poet, musician and painter, and has come to the realization that she needs her own creative working space. I am vicariously enjoying her labor of love. As for me, my own Studio Eidolons at home two hours away is very special to me, and I miss it. But the space, lighting and vibe of The Gallery at Redlands makes creating here very special too. Thanks to the drafting table given by Tim and Patty, I have a special place to work here in Palestine.

Having said all of this, I laugh at those times when even the loveliest of creative spaces do not help us come forth with something of value. The second block quote above from Henry Miller made me laugh out loud. How many times do I find myself creating crap in my studio spaces and feeling unworthy of the rooms? I honestly think sometimes that there are hundreds of creative spirits in the neighborhood more deserving of such spaces. But I’ll still accept the spaces and try to do better!

By now, readers might be growing weary of seeing this ghost sign watercolor slowly, slowly materializing. Truth be told, I’m continually getting stuck on how exactly to proceed. Today has been mostly bare trees to the right and a long block of bricks down below. I always enjoy the process of making art, but oftentimes, like now, get a little tense when I feel something special may be eluding my grasp. We’ll see how this one comes along. If it doesn’t work out, there will be other chances.

Sandi and I will be here in the gallery till Sunday. A special shout-out to Paula Cadle, the potter among The Twelve–three of her new pieces brought in yesterday have found new homes! The gallery already misses their bright presence.

Thanks for reading.

I make art to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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