Saturday Morning Preparations for Big Art Sale

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.

Victor Hugo

Good morning! It’s 11:33 and I’ve finally stopped for my first cup of gallery coffee. Sandi and I hit the gallery at noon yesterday and have been unpacking stacks of framed paintings, matted paintings, limited edition giclées, open-edition prints and greeting cards discounted for our first Major Art Sale in the lobby. Stacy Campbell has offered her entire display of original black-and-white acrylic canvases at 15% off.

Artist Stacy Campbell’s “I Like Your Willie!” 36 x 36″ acrylic on canvas–this weekend only $420

I have also decided to mark one of my original framed watercolors down 40% for this sale.

David Tripp, “Thinking About the Next Catch” 29h x 25w” framed–this weekend only $500

As we near the two-month anniversary of taking ownership of The Gallery at Redlands, I cannot say that I have yet settled into this new identity. Sandi is far ahead of me in thinking about events and calendar planning. We decided a couple of weeks ago that the gallery needed to host some kind of event every evening, something more to say to the public than merely “we’re open this weekend.” As for our gallery hours, we arrive every Thursday at noon and the gallery is open 10-2 and 5-9 Thursday through Saturday. Cecilia Bramhall has been good to work for us in the earlier days, but we’re still trying to find out what hours work best, mornings or evenings. We’ll let you know once we’re settled on that.

(left to right) Stacy Campbell, John Westerhold, Wayne White

New artist John Westerhold just arrived with new work to put on sale. His work is the center one in the window above: “Reflections of a Fat Boy”, acrylic on canvas, 36 x 48″ $8500

John Westerhold, “Untitled” Framed Acrylic 15h x 12w $350
John Westerhold “Untitled” Framed Acrylic 12h x 15w” $350

Patrons continue to come in the gallery (3 hours later), so I need to close this and get back to the task.

Thanks for reading!

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