New Projects out of Studio Eidolons

New Series of Horse Watercolor Sketches

We are not on this earth for long. Part of what a midlife crisis is about is figuring out what gives you pleasure and doing more of that in the time you have left without asking for permission or a financial or emotional subsidy from anyone else.

Howell Raines, Fly Fishing Through the Midlife Crisis

As summer winds down, I had the notion to go back to this book I so enjoyed during my own midlife (back in the 90’s) to find this quote that has continued to linger with me. The quote fits my retirement years much better than my midlife years. Returning from the gallery last weekend, my imagination was flooded with images I wish to pursue–watercoloring horses faster and looser with brighter pigments and then framing them for display and sale.

While contemplating this next art project, I was interrupted by a call from Texas Wesleyan University; they’re calling me back after a two-year, COVID-instigated hiatus. By this time I really thought my university chapter (going all the way back to 1985) was closed. But I couldn’t say no to teaching Humanities online. Throughout my teaching career, I suppose Humanities, even more than Philosophy, has struck the deepest, richest chords in my memories.

So . . . I’ll be dividing my time once again between studio and university, but anticipate a much better mix since teaching is no longer a full-time occupation. And I do not intend to fall off on the blogging, so stay tuned . . .

And thanks always for reading.

Preparation for University Humanities Course

4 Responses to “New Projects out of Studio Eidolons”

  1. Dian Darr Says:

    I think this is so exciting! I loved the Humanities course at Wesleyan- your students are so fortunate to have you as their professor! And, what a plus- on-line teaching!,


  2. Jan C. Johnson Says:

    I’m thrilled for you!


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