Landscape of the Mind

Another piece of landscape about to vanish from view

“Wilderness” has a deceptive concreteness at first glance. The difficulty is that while the word is a noun it acts like an adjective. There is no specific material object that is wilderness. The term designates a quality (as the “-ness” suggests) that produces a certain mood or feeling in a given individual and, as a consequence, may be assigned by that person to a specific place.

Roderick Nash, Wilderness and the American Mind

I’m finding it difficult to put quality time into this blog while I’m still not quite balanced beneath this academic load I’m carrying at the university. Hopefully by the time this week is complete I’ll have everything in place to my satisfaction.

Working on tomorrow’s ethics lectures

I will try daily to put up pictures of what is going on and return to my art work before the weekend. The wilderness post above is reference to the piece of raw land Sandi and I stared at today while seated outside a coffee shop in our area of Arlington. It looks much like the land I used to gaze upon while seated in a patio area outside a Kroger store that was constructed in our neighborhood a few years back. I made three plein air watercolors of that strip of land, only to return a few months later to find it completely ploughed and cleared out. Today a shopping center covers that spot–nothing but steel, glasss, concrete and asphalt now and dozens of parked vehicles. Well . . . a sign erected at the site posted above shows that that area is also facing the same fate. Years ago, I saw these things as commercial progress. Now I just am saddened to see the trees cleared, soil ripped and more buildings and parking lots going up. As the green disappears, my spirits continue to sink.

Hopefully, the next blog will be sunnier. Thanks for reading.

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