Afterglow from Palestine Art Walk

Another Palestine Art Walk in the Books. Thanks, Kevin Harris, for the photo.

When philosophy paints its grey in grey, then has a shape of life grown old. By philosophy’s grey in grey it cannot be rejuvenated but only understood. The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of the dusk.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, The Philosophy of Right

Sandi and I arrived home very late Saturday night, as we usually do, following a Thursday-through-Saturday marathon in Palestine at our Gallery at Redlands. This weekend featured the city’s monthly Art Walk with twenty businesses participating by hosting artists and their works on location. The photo above was taken at L&L Shoes where I have been situated the last several times Art Walk has taken place. In the final hour, a flurry of friends came by and there was scarcely time for extended conversations with all of them. I regret that and hope we’ll be together again. My masked friend is Ben Campbell from the board of the Texas State Railroad. This gentleman was one of the first to welcome me to the city when the gallery opened in 2017. He and I share a St. Louis background, and his father’s career with the railroad has provided me with a never-ending string of fascinating train tales and facts. We’re talking now about a project we hope to launch in the future with the Texas State Railroad. Stay tuned for details as they develop.

Kevin Harris, my friend from the days he worked as station manager for 93.5 FM, also stopped by and took this picture. We never seem to have enough time to talk about our dreams for creative art projects in Palestine. But we promised to follow up on the conversations just begun yet again.

Today offered just a brief time for decompression before entering Studio Eidolons and sitting at the writing desk to load up for tomorrow’s university run. My subject for tomorrow’s Ethics classes is G. W. F. Hegel, and I have posted my favorite quote from him at the top of this article. Taking his cue from Goethe’s Faust, he spoke of philosophy in a way that reminds me of my current “gray” years along with the hope that the Owl of Minerva will spread its wings. At this point I’m feeling quite optimistic; last week I experienced a marvelous visitation while reading and pondering several matters concerning the scope of ethics, and I really feel that tomorrow will be the beginning of something very different and very new. Over my thirty-plus years of teaching, I’ve had a few of those moments, and they never disappointed. That is why I’m looking forward to tomorrow . . .

Thanks always for reading.

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