Sunday Morning, Edom Art Festival

Little do the people comprehend the great–that is, the creating. But they have a mind for all showmen and actors of great things.

Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

The morning is cool and serene, and the “art village” is slowly waking up an hour before we open. I was fortunate to arrive 90 minutes early, and after opening my booth and tweaking the display I had the delightful experience of wandering around the festival grounds, watching artists open up and re-assemble their tent displays, all the while conversing pleasantly among themselves. The white noise of an art festival during the arduous process of setting up or breaking down really is pleasant, always. And it goes without saying that the general noise of the festival in progress when the area is packed with visitors is pleasant also.

The Nietzsche reading has been rewarding the past several days. The passage above made me think of an art festival and our mixed crowd of artists/artisans, all of them creative spirits and some of them better “showmen” than others as they stand in their booths and greet the patrons. I’ve never been able to assume the role of a carnival barker, and always hope that my sitting outside in a director’s chair doesn’t signal my indifference to the crowds. I love talking to anyone interested about the processes of making and selling art; I have no secrets. And yesterday was certainly a fabulous day for visiting with patrons. I hope we have a repeat of all that as today unfolds.

Thanks for reading.

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