Zwischen den Zeiten

Monday Night Demo before ARTIUM in Mansfield, Texas
Visiting after the Demo

Throughout the years, I cannot forget the title of a German Journal published in the early twentieth century, Zwischen den Zeiten translated “Between the Times.” Scholars like to use that tag line to describe early twentieth-century theology as Karl Barth’s neo-orthodoxy severed his era from the nineteenth-century Protestant theological tradition. I just completed the reading of the fascinating Unger book Picasso and the Painting That Shocked the World. That book describes in vivid detail Picasso’s life in Paris as he painted Les Demoiselles d’Avignon in 1907, thus severing twentieth-century modern art from the prior centuries. The juncture “between the times” I have used countless times to describe particular hinge-joints in my own personal life. Today is such a juncture. Last night I enjoyed an evening demonstrating watercolor before ARTIUM, an association of artists in Mansfield just a few miles down the highway from where we live. Sandi was kind enough to take pictures of the demo. Tomorrow is the first day of the spring semester at Texas Wesleyan University and I will give my first lecture before a new Ethics class. Today I take a moment to breathe “between the times” and prepare for the new chapter. Hopefully in the weeks ahead I will do a better job balancing art and academics than I did last fall.

We have an enriching weekend rolling up in just a few days. Deanna Pickett Frye, our Artist-of-the-Month for The Gallery at Redlands, will deliver a Gallery Talk Friday night from 7-8:00. Having just completed a second mural for the City of Palestine, Deanna is full of fresh ideas and insights to share as we gather to hear more of her world. She too is opening a new semester, being a Professor of Art at Trinity Valley Community College.

Artist-of-the-Month Deanna Pickett Frye
Deanna’s Current Mural Underway
Deanna’s First Palestine Mural

Deanna has also been working hard to put an application online for artists wishing to participate in our upcoming 84th Annual Dogwood Art and Music Festival March 18-19 in Palestine. She has made me one of the administrators for the application to be found on We are sending out an invitation to all interested artists to apply for a booth under the large tent set up for the artists’ section of the festival. A special VIP event will open the evening of March 18. Tickets will be sold for this event featuring a pre-sale of all artists’ work along with live music, food and an open bar. The next day will feature the entire festival which will occupy several blocks in historic downtown Palestine–merchandise and food booths, buskers, and children’s entertainment. The artists’ tent will also be open to the public for the duration of the day’s festival.

Artist VIP Tent from 2021 Dogwood Art and Music Fesival

I’ve missed a couple of days blogging due to all the events swirling around me. Hopefully I can find the time tomorrow to report more of what is happening. We’ll see how the first day of class goes.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover.

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.


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