Odyssey About Town

Sing to me of the man, Muse, the man of twists and turns …
driven time and again off course
. . .

Homer‘s Odyssey

Every waking day, to me, is a new story. This morning started well in Palestine–waking at 7:00 to Sacred Heart Catholic Church across the street tolling nine times. I still laugh at that every weekend when staying here. Stepping outside at 7:30 it was bright, sunshiny and briskly cold and windy. I loved it, walked happily all the way down the hill to the Kroger store to pick up some essentials, and as I walked I thought of James Joyce’s Ulysses–about a man who spends an entire day walking about his home town of Dublin. The entire novel covers one day, paralleling the adventures of Odysseus and his ten-year odyssey, trying to find his way home. We all have our stories, seeking our home. I believe I have finally found mine, at least I felt that I was home when I stomped all over town this morning. Come join me . . .

Oak Street

The sun-washed streets and cold shadows of the businesses down Oak Street were eye candy for me as I walked. I’ve decided I want to write a new cycle of short stories for my Turvey’s Corner 63050 book, and I imagined conversations bubbling between Hank and Randy as they walked together through the old downtown of Palestine.

Old Town Palestine

One of my favorite vistas. I’ve recently received a new commission to paint The Oxbow and I’ll post pictures of it as it develops. Here is the pair of paintings I created of this setting a few years ago:

Took Me Awhile to fnd the Source of the Hammering Sound

As I returned to the hotel, walking up Crawford Street, I heard a hammering sound and couldn’t figure out its source. Suddenly it dawned on me–woodpecker. It took awhile to find him but there he was, busy working atop the utility pole high above me.

Crawford Street, heading uphill to the Redlands Hotel and Gallery

Every time I see the Texas theater, I think of The Last Picture Show and am certain a good collection of stories and characters could emerge for the book I’m trying to write.

Jeffie Sculpture Peeking over the Rise at Me

I laughed when I spied one of Jeffie’s monumental pieces peeking over the rise adjacent to a church. The critter looks like he’s been caught in something he shouldn’t be doing. Looking at him as I passed made me glad I was only a few blocks from reaching the gallery, where I could spend time working in the quiet, with the large Jeffie piece beside me, with its eyes looking in all directions as I myself did throughout my walk.

The Comfortable Presence I feel from Jeffie’s large sculpture in the Gallery near where I sit and work

Today, local artist Orlando Guillen joined the family of artists occupying The Gallery at Redlands. He and his wife installed a large piece in the streetside window depicting Vincent Van Gogh’s bedroom. He also has some lovely dogwood creations, including this one on the table, surrounded by Jeffie’s miniatures.

New Gallery Artist Orlando Guillen’s “Weeping Dogwood” surrounded by Jeffie Brewer’s miniatures
Newly Designed Streetside Window featuring Deanna, Stacy, Jeffie and Orlando

Finished 8 x 10″ bison, ready for framing

Finally, I finished the bison and decided to go ahead and post it before getting the frame around it. I’m happy with how illuminated his colors are, happy with the sky color, and above all, happy that I managed to create this effect of the wind stirring up the ground in front of him.

The day has been amazingly busy with Dogwood Festival tourists inundating the hotel and gallery since early this morning. The blog was begun around 8:00 and now at 5:00 p.m. I’m finally able to complete it. I feel like the wandering Ulysses/Odysseus as the day has unfolded in an amazing narrative without cessation. I’m glad to feel at home.

Thanks for reading.

I make art in order to discover

I journal when I feel alone.

I blog to remind myself I am not alone.

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  1. Dian Darr Says:

    Enjoyed going with you on your wandering!


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