COVID Found Me . . .

Sleeping Pups are Good Company

Conversation enriches the understanding, but solitude is the school of genius . . .

Edward Gibbon

My blog went dark a few days ago, thanks to COVID. I’m finally posting a little something since I feel I am finally improving a bit. But it’s a process. I’m just thankful that this is not the potential death sentence it was a few years ago.

Seeking Energy to Do Something
Before I Got Sick . . .

I wanted to post this picture taken before I took sick. Bob Stevens (on the right) has returned to me a watercolor I created and gave to him and his late wife as a gift back during my dark days of the 1980’s when they were so helpful and affirming to me in countless ways. Bob is down-sizing and unloading many of his possessions, and thought this painting should return to its original “home.” I responded by offering him a new one about half the size, and he has accepted. I’ll post the picture of the new painting once I retrieve it from my gallery. The watercolor pictured above is from 1972, my senior year in high school, when I was trying hard to capture some of that Andrew Wyeth “sepia” drybrush magic.

Seated with Bob above is retired professor Jim Linebarger, a published poet and scholar of William Butler Yeats. During weekly coffee chats, these two wonderful men have listened patiently and offered encouraging assistance in my recent interpretations of the current East Texas art scene as a “New Byzantium.”

And speaking of the art scene, I deeply regret my inability to attend tonight’s Artist Reception at the Baron’s Creek Winery in Granbury. I have so looked forward to that moment, and regret not being able to attend.

That’s about all I have right now. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be stronger and able to post more.

Thanks always for reading. I miss doing this . . .

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