A Hygge-sort of Night

Studio Eidolons at Night

The word hygge originates from a Norwegian word meaning “well-being.”

There is no faster way to get to hygge than to light a few candles or, as they are called in Danish, levende lys, or living lights.

Meik Wiking, The Little Book of Hygge

I’ve never been much of a “candle guy”, perhaps because it bothers me that they burn down and disappear too quickly. So instead I invested in “puck lights” and installed them all over my Studio Eidolons, and when nightfall comes, turn on the ones I wish to in order to set the kind of atmosphere I crave for the time being.

Sandi and I continue to get incrementally better from this damned COVID, and since I have a 72-hour head start, she seems to be requiring more sleep than I at this point in time. Tomorrow night I complete my Paxlovid prescription, and I’m just glad I can use my eyes at last. Our calendars have been wiped, and I’m finally getting used to the reality that I don’t have a schedule of appointments to face. And a few weeks ago, I finally adjusted to the reality that there will not be a new school semester to organize. So life is good.

I wish I could go outside for a walk, but at 10:23 p.m., Arlington still hangs at a damned 96 degrees outdoors. August of course doesn’t promise anything better than that. So I’m going to cozy up into yet another book and say Good Night to my reader-friends. I have an idea about “the quality of light” that has been incubating for awhile and perhaps I could work that into the blog tomorrow. Meanwhile, I’ll let hygge set the agenda for the light this evening.

Thanks for reading.

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