On to the Next Adventure

Sorting through Art for Next Weekend’s Festival

We are called upon to do something new, to confront a no man’s land, to push into a forest where there are no well-worn paths and from which no one has returned to guide us.

Rollo May, The Courage to Create

It is Sunday. We just got home and unloaded our vehicles from the weekend’s Art Walk in Palestine, and now I am gathering my gear for the Edom Art Festival this next weekend, October 8-9, Saturday-Sunday, 10-5:00. A part of me wants to stop for a day or two to savor what just happened, but the other voice chimes in to remind me that time is short and the weekend will be here before I know it.

Art Walk was a good experience for me personally, but I was not free to roam the city to find out how things went in all the other businesses. I taught two watercolor classes in The Redlands Hotel, one at noon and the other at 5:00. For me personally, the watercolor classes, wherever I teach, are getting better and better. The artists Saturday were called upon to render a bison in profile in bright “Southwest Art” type of colors. And they certainly pulled that off. Two of the artists actually went out and bought frames and packaged their paintings after class. I was gratified, getting to watch all this transpire. We are talking about having another class soon.

My heartfelt thanks goes out to all those who participated in the classes as well as the Art Walk artists at large. I think we just pulled off a splendid weekend.

For any of you readers in the vicinity, I hope you will be able to attend the Edom Art Festival next Saturday in Edom, Texas (town is only a crossroads; you cannot miss the festival). I will be in a corner booth, and would love to see you again!

Edom Art Festival 2021
My booth from last year
My booth from last year

Thanks for reading.

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