A Sacred Geometry

We can now live, not just amphibiously in divided and distinguished worlds, but pluralistically in many worlds and cultures simultaneously. We are no more committed to one culture–to a single ratio among the human senses–any more than to one book or to one language or to one technology.

Marshall McLuhan, The Gutenberg Galaxy

While sitting in the Service Department, waiting for my vehicle, I’m revisiting a pair of McLuhan books that piqued my curiosity recently.

The quote lifted above takes me back to my drafting table where I labored awhile yesterday, engrossed in the geometrical and colorful intricacies of one of the stained glass windows of the church across the street from our Gallery at Redlands.

Revisiting this image transported me back through many layers, chapters, and episodes of my life’s education, ministry, and vocations. This is just one of the many deep-seated pleasures I glean while making art. As lines and colors converge to suggest images, my personal history drifts to the surface of my consciousness, and I enjoy drifting along in the stream of thoughts and sensations. This is why I’m unaware of how much time passes while I’m working in the studio.

Incidentally, this is how I survive waiting rooms. Thanks to books, journal, and imagination, I can endure long stretches of waiting.

Thanks for reading.

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