Still Working on the Geometry

Hard at work in Studio Eidolons

I see in painters prose writers and poets. Rhyme, measure, the turning of verses which is indispensable and which gives them so much vigor, are analogous to the hidden symmetry, to the equilibrium at once wise and inspired, which governs the meeting or separation of lines and spaces, the echoes of color, etc.

Eugene Delacroix, Journal, September 19, 1847

This has been an unusually delicious day for me, given mostly to reading and painting in Studio Eidolons. I seldom come away from reading the Delacroix journals without some rich gem that he scribbled for safe keeping. Today has been tedious beyond description as I’ve constantly re-measured, re-drawn, erased and re-drawn yet again. The geometry and tight angles of the Sacred Heart Church are challenging, and I’m feeling the fatigue.

I’m excited to announce my re-newed participation in an Arlington gallery near where I live–Show Me the Monet, located inside Gracie Lane boutique at 4720 S. Cooper Street. Tomorrow I will hang six framed pieces of mine, a combination of watercolors and academic collages. I have also consented to offering monthly watercolor classes there, the next one being held April 12 from 1-4:00. We will render a solitary fly-fisherman in this lesson.

I’m also gearing up for Artscape 2023 to be held at the Dallas Arboretum April 28-30. I’ll share more information about that event as the time nears.

Thanks for reading.


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