Painting in The Gallery at Redlands

(House lights not great on this night time photograph.) Making good progress on the watercolor

Today involved a trip to Trinity, Texas with Neita Fran Ward. We’re sponsoring a special art benefit for November that will hopefully improve the facilities in the Senior Citizens Activity Building. Once we returned to Palestine, I was able to put in some quality hours tweaking this large watercolor well underway, depicting Sacred Heart Church across the street from The Gallery at Redlands.

Tomorrow I will be making selections to improve my display at the Show Me the Monet Art Gallery in Arlington. A large store of my framed watercolors is waiting in the adjoining room for me to shuffle through the stacks and select the new pieces. I’ll re-hang my show when I return to Arlington Monday, and help the gallery prepare for our “re-opening reception” to be held April 20 from 6-8:00. I’ll have plenty more to say of this event as it draws nearer. I look forward to seeing some of my friends who have been away from our circle the past few years.

Thanks for reading.


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