Edward Hopper as a Soothing Balm

What I wanted to do was to paint sunlight on the side of a house.

Edward Hopper

It wasn’t a good day. After a couple of days of progress in the hospital that led physicians to speak of Dad’s transfer to rehab, he suddenly took a turn for the worse. Today was the second bad day, and my sister and I fought off despair. Dad seemed to stabilize this afternoon, so we left, and I took a long walk through the High Ridge neighborhoods. Suddenly, looking up near sundown as I passed through an apartment complex, I saw something that immediately reminded me of one of Edward Hopper’s iconic paintings. I took the photo with my phone, and now I sit at my sister’s dining room table tonight and begin to paint after a hiatus that has gone on I don’t know how long.

Second Story Sunlight

The act of painting has rescued me tonight. I’ll rise early in the morning and visit Dad, hoping for some kind of progress.

Thank you for reading and caring.


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