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In a Railroad Setting Mood, March 17, 2010

March 17, 2010

Abandoned Shed with Wooden Railroad Reefers in the Rear

While cleaning my studio, I came across a 35mm slide of a watercolor I had created back in the year 2000.  I managed to scan it into my hard drive and post it here.  The abandoned shed, covered with faux-brick tar paper, belonged to my deceased Uncle George in rural Jackson, Missouri.  I added the 7-up sign to give it some pop.  The wooden reefer parked in rear I also added–there were no railroad tracks running across his farm.

The sun is up late this afternoon, so I think I’m going to go out and begin another train composition.  I have one already in progress, but believe I’ll wait until after dark and work on it in the studio.  The sunlight is too good to waste (I wasted plenty of it this morning, cleaning my studio!)

Perhaps I’ll have some good news to post this evening.  Thank you for reading.

Busy, busy day–January 14, 2010

January 14, 2010


Incredibly busy day–first round of Final Exams at the high school.  Almost forgot to blog.  But I hope to keep the daily streak alive.  This watercolor was done from a photograph I took one summer in Luckenbach Texas.  I was amused that chickens ran loose all over the small settlement, and had a tendency to “hang out” around the parked Harleys.  So I created a whimsical watercolor of the subject and titled it “Harley Chicks” (visible on my website  I followed it up later with this one.  I had photographed a portly man about to climb off his parked machine, and thought I would add this large pig to the composition and give it an appropriate title.  Sometimes I create work tongue-in-cheek.  Although tongue-in-cheek for me usually doesn’t translate to successful business–both original watercolors remain unsold.  Oh well.

Bait Shop Blues, January 11, 2010

January 11, 2010

Bait Shop near St. Clair, Missouri

This old bait shop, now gone, was spotted during the early 1990’s, when I left the St. Louis area to return home to Texas one winter after a family holiday visit.  Choosing to avoid the Interstate for a spell, I left High Ridge, Missouri, and navigated the winding, twisting old Highway 30 west where it would eventually merge with Interstate 44 near St. Clair.   During the lengthy travel along Old 30, through rural isolated areas, I spotted this defunct bait shop and paused to photograph it.